Laura Barat: Vedic & Western Astrology

It is possible to predict with Nakshatras and only Nakshatras without examining Signs or Houses. In order to do this, one must know their birth Nakshatra. Using the planetary periods of Vimshottari dasa, a person can make quite accurate predictions from the predictive method also known as Tara Bala. 'Tara' means star and 'Bala' means strength. There are nine Taras containing three Nakshatras each. Each Tara symbolizes an area of life, much like the Houses in the horoscope.

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Relationship Astrology 2 Radio Show

Astrologers Laura Barat and Karen White continue the discussion of Relationship Astrology utilizing both Vedic and Western techniques.  The importance of Venus and Mars along with the position of the Moon’s Nodes, Rahu and Ketu, will be analyzed in light of relationship skills and preferences. Delving into the Vedic technique of compatibility, severe blemishes will be discussed if time allows. Listen to internet radio with Laura
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The Astrological Chart and the Chakras: Common Afflictions and Remedies Utilizing Hatha Yoga

The Astrological Chart and the Chakras:  Common Afflictions and Remedies Utilizing Hatha Yoga  A profound link exists between an individual’s astrological chart or Rasi and his/her chakras.  The macrocosm of the solar system is present within the microcosm of the individual human body.  Remedies for afflictions in the chart are numerous and some examples are:  wearing of gems, chanting of Mantras, Flower Essences, Pujas
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Venus through the Signs

Venus Through the Signs  This is not an article about the effects of the natural characteristics of the Signs on Venus.  A planet, in addition to being influenced by the Sign it is place within, will ALSO give the effects of the number of houses counted from it’s Moolatrikona sign and the number of houses counted from the planet to its feminine sign.  This
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